Monday, March 2, 2009

Waysgoose 2009!

Waysgoose 2009 was another rousing time for families, artists, printers, and steamrollers. The fifth annual printer's party held each spring at the bookstore brought in artists and printers to show their wares and show people how its done in hands-on exhibits. Kids and well, everyone, love to roll their own prints. For a second straight year a steamroller was used to create 3 by 4 foot prints outside the store and the weather held off long enough to allow for some magnificent printmaking. Some of the large prints will be auctioned off later this fall and the proceeds donated to Tacoma Public Schools libraries. We thank everyone who showed up and participated in this Waygoose, and we hope to see you at the auction, and at next year's Waygoose!

We also thank Kevin Freitas who showed up and took some pictures, we were far too busy to get the camera steady. Here are more photos from his webpage:

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